Aloha! My name is Kelcie, an adventure seeking blonde. Based on the North Shore of Oahu.

I aim to:
– Provide Inspiration.
– Serve as an Outlet for others.
– Share Beauty.
– Create Memories.
– See New Places.
– Be Myself. My spunky, loving, enthusiastic self.

I began blogging to stay in touch with family and friends, like many do. Writing has transitioned into therapy for me. I lost my Mom to colon cancer last year, and since then, the name of my blog Get Bizzy Livin’ has taken on a whole new meaning. I write to soothe my soul, appreciate the beauty that surrounds me in Hawaii, and to help spread the joy of travel onto others. If anyone benefits on my behalf, that is an added bonus.

Your support and love means the world.

*Please reach out with any questions/collaborations to: getbizzylivin@gmail.com ❤


3 responses to “About

  1. Hi guys! I am so thrilled for you and wicked jealous!! Sounds like the trip )for the most part) has been outstanding. Love the pictures and the summaries of the trips. Have fun. Be safe. Love you guys!

    Uncle Mark

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