Stay Humble.

Today’s sermon was all about pride, and the negative effect it can have on our life. We have found a home at The Mission, a community driven atmosphere that has a beautiful worship team, and an awesome pastor. I’m not here to talk about my faith because everyone has different views in life. I am here though to share the message with you and how it resonated with me. The subject of pride is tough….really tough. In this day and age we show off a lot of aspects through pictures. We choose moments to share with the rest of our world through technology, many people showcase their pride on social media outlets. It is only human.

Take the time to step back, challenge yourself in conversations with others, and make it about THEM, not you. I try my best to do this, but it is not easy. You want to share good news, proud moments, etc. but more than anything you should remember to Be Humble while doing it. I am extremely grateful to live in Hawaii, and I always try to remain humble about it. I sometimes pull over along the side of the road and just take pictures. I want to remember these views forever, because it is just so insanely beautiful. It means the world to me that so many friends and family want to share in it with us!

One of the most humble people I’ve ever known would be my Mom. Throughout her entire life, she always put people first: her husband, her daughter, her kids in her special education class, her parents. I always noticed this about my parents, but as I get older and experience more in life it hits me harder. What hit me the hardest was during my mom’s fierce battle with cancer. She didn’t complain. Ever. She would take the time to find out how my day was, what to do to make my cold away, when to get together next. The best example I still have to this day is a voicemail from my mom. Her birthday was coming up and she was calling to ask what kind of cake I wanted. That’s right, what I wanted. I remember calling her back and saying, “Mommmm, it is YOUR birthday silly!” I just love that she was such a strong example to me.

Church and worship brought me joy today. The sermon made me stop and think. It’s just a reminder, a simple reminder. Stay humble, it will make your life so much sweeter. That’s a guarantee.


4 responses to “Stay Humble.

  1. Beautiful Kelcie! So true about your mom. Once person I will always look up to, and try to follow. She always asked about my boys, and that always impressed me that she cared so much.
    This was a good reminder we should always put other first. Life is not just about us. Look at the bigger picture, you just may brighten someone’s world.
    God Bless your journey!

  2. I love your posts Kelcie! They bring so much light to the world! My mom was the most humble person I knew too! They are continuing to teach us life’s lessons with their memories! ❤

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