Laie Falls.

I can’t really call myself a hiker…but I have turned into one here in Hawaii. My husband loves to check out new spots around the island, and it needs to be done because the amount of trails here are never ending, in the BEST way.

It is a rare occasion for us to have an entire Saturday off together, so we decided to seize the day and go adventuring. Laie is a small town that is only a few minutes down the road from us. There is a great trail that we explored a few months prior, but ran out of daylight. Today was the day that we’d try again.

Laie Falls Trail is just shy of 8 miles, 7.9 to be exact. 4 miles in (which end with a delightful waterfall!) and 4 miles out. The falls are great, don’t get me wrong, but the trail and gorgeous scenery take the cake. The hike starts out with some rocky inclines and rolling dirt hills, which yield way to amazing island views, both mountain and coastal. My favorite part is when is a tree lined mountain full of Cook Pines. Truly magical! The hike is a combination of covered and uncovered trails, and it is incredibly shady for the most part. My kind of hike right there.

The only part that gets a little challenging is when the trail descends to the falls. There are some very muddy and slippery parts, but ropes are placed to help with the narrow edge. Just use caution, and move slowly. The waterfall is big enough to swim in, and many people choose to. I opted out just because I didn’t bring my swimsuit and heard the water was freeeezing from another local. I very much enjoyed just taking in its beauty.

It took us a little under 4 hours to complete the trail, with a few quick stops along the way. I would say it’s an intermediate hike, with the length being the most difficult part. The views are incredible, and it was a wonderful way to spend our afternoon.

For more information on hiking trails, refer to one of our favorite sites AllTrails. Their app is incredibly helpful as it provides all surrounding trails, including the difficulty, length, directions and reviews from other hikers.

*Enjoy a video of Laie Falls Trail and its epic views on my instagram: get.bizzy.livin

Happy hiking!


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