A typical day in the 808.

Goodbye to sleeping in. Goodbye nights out on the town. Goodbye Wawa and Chik-fil-A (YES, I crave both 24/7). Goodbye busy weekends.

Hello early mornings. Hello Mad Men and movie nights in. Hello Seven Brothers and acai bowls. Hello lots of Kelcie and John time.

I have grown to love being in bed by 10pm. A normal work day is 7-2pm for me, all depending on which tours book for the day. The job consists of taking guests on a 90-minute Beach Segway tour. I’m talking off roading on the sand, while getting Hawaiian cultural facts along the way. I know, what gets better than that?! The office view ain’t too shabby.

Once I’m done work I love to fill my afternoons with some time at our condo pool, or head to one of our favorite local beaches with John. Cue the hammock, and some much needed time with my hubby…and kindle. My newest love for exercise (fact: I have never had that passion to work out, I could really get better at incorporating it more into my life) BUT I have been taking advantage of work perks and have grown quite fond of mountain biking. Turtle Bay has three single tracks that are a blast to ride. Some days I will grab a bike after my shift and shredddd it. It’s an instant stress reliever and empowering thing for me.

It has been getting darker a little later here, which is so wonderful. A MUST for us is trying to catch the sunset on a daily basis. They are just so amazing here that we try to incorporate it into our daily routine, wherever we are that day. More to come on our favorite sunset spots. I will leave that for another blog post 🙂

I would say we are quite disciplined on eating in, just because our selection is not overwhelming when it comes to nearby dinner spots. We have found a few of our favorites and go to’s (Seven Brothers!), but it can add up so fast that we prefer to do our monster Costco shopping trips and benefit from that for weeks to come. After we make dinner, it usually leads to a movie night or Mad Men binge. Any suggestions for a new TV series? Always welcoming new favorites!
Honestly, that’s an average day in the life of Kelcie Ibbetson. The sun and amazingly beautiful days wear me out! So that 10pm (sometimes 9pm) bedtime ain’t so bad. I’m treasuring this slow paced lifestyle as much as I can. I have less worries, stressors, agenda items, and fears. I feel so incredibly safe living here, which is something I am very thankful for. I have carried a good amount of anxiety for the last couple of years with crowds, whereabouts, and different life factors. Never feeling unsafe,  is an incredible thing in this day and age.

Very humbled for my new typical day.


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