Why I Love the North Shore.

People often look at me like I have two heads when I say Maui is my favorite island…why did John and I choose Oahu then?

The North Shore is unlike anywhere else I have been. The community is so incredibly laid back, and there is genuine kindness all around. It was something that resonated with me the first time we visited here in 2014. I’m talking hitch hikers everywhere (yes, we have picked someone up- sorry Dad) to people offering to drive you to the airport (it’s an hour drive)…NICE people. You see, I always try to look for the good in everyone. It IS there. I believe the media can paint such a dark picture on our world and suck everyone in with it. One of my favorite things about living here is being disconnected from sporting events, popular songs on the radio, news broadcasts, television all together really. I live in my happy bubble of Mad Men reruns, The Bachelor/ette (I know, it’s a very guilty pleasure), my kindle, reggae radio stations on repeat, my little neighborhood in Turtle Bay, my workplace, and the coolest surfer husband ever. It’s a damn good bubble.

Then there is the beauty…some of the most gorgeous beaches I have ever seen, biggest waves I have ever seen, most attractive people I have ever seen. It’s all true! My favorite part about the surfing community is when the competitions are in town, you feel like you know everyone there. The incredibly famous surfers walk right by you on the beach as they hop into the water. I was amazed to be that close…no swarming crowds, barriers, nothing.  The picture below is with Kelly Slater. Still waiting to squeeze John John, one day soon! If I could choose one thing I hate during the winter months and the height of surfing season it would be traffic. Yes, I get that we live on an island but goodness, why on earth do they choose to do construction every waking moment? I have gotten used to it, well kind of. You can take the girl out of Pennsylvania, but you can’t take the road rage out of the girl 😉

One of my favorite places on the North Shore is Haleiwa. It is just about the cutest town to exist, more to come later…it deserves its own post. Then you have the food trucks, any direction you go. Ranging from shrimp trucks to BBQ to thai food to fro yo to fish tacos. You want it? They got it. Another favorite is right down the road from our condo, a charming little bay right on Turtle Bay’s property. It boasts some of the best views, while having an entire beach to yourself. This happens all of the time in Hawaii, score!


Saving the cherry on top for last, living up North in the “country” as it’s called feels like a 24/7 retreat. Our condo is an hour away from Honolulu and Waikiki in our own little paradise that we never really leave, unless we need to make a much needed Costco trip, or meet up with friends. John and I have a a few friends on island (you know who you are!)…that’s a give and take. I didn’t expect to move here and gain a ton of girlfriends. A majority of residents are transient or have lived here for a very long time. They have their core group, their go-to’s, their community. Super thankful for the times that we get to share with others, but also treating this adventure as one of life’s greatest gifts for our marriage. I’m one lucky gal! 


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