New Year: New Adventure.

Happy 2017, friends! I failed to mention that in my last post, forgive me. I also wanted to share what we’ve been up to here in Hawaii since the New Year has been upon us. It all kicked off with this EPIC beach bonfire picture that a stranger (yes, stranger- that’s Hawaii for you!) Elliott took of us. It was easily the most relaxing, and coolest NYE thus far.

We have been busy bees, aka feelin’ the love of both family and friends visiting. SO much fun! John and I were lucky enough to have over ten friends visit us in the month of January alone!!! It started with a few of John’s grade school friends, one of who was a first time flier…and decided to make Hawaii his destination (!) We had a blast when they were in town, some of our activities ranged from hikes and beach days to renting a chartered fishing boat for the day (thank you Pizz)! 

It was so fun to see the guys together and to have a slice of home with us for those weeks. John’s best man, Nick joined the fun a few days later and instantly became the surfing partner John has been searching for. We ate far too much food, indulged in some cocktails, and really took the time to enjoy each other’s company- just like if we were back in West Chester. Thank you Kyle, Pizz, and our south shore neighbor Matt for a fabulous start to 2017, it was a blast having you all here!! 

The party continued as the second batch of visitors made their way to us. Aka I got to have girlfriends in town, YAY!! I couldn’t wait to pop some champagne and celebrate having them here with us in Hawaii🎉 We made sure to show them all of our favorite spots, and soaked up every moment of sweet sunshine with them. I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves! We got in ample beach, hiking, dining, laughing, sunset lovin’ time with one another…

And of course we couldn’t let the gang go home without a proper luau 😉

MAHALO loves for traveling far to visit, and renting a house for a week out here to share in Oahu’s beauty with us. We will be continuing to hold onto those sweet memories for the months to come! 🤙🏻

2017 marked a new, fresh start to what I know will be a better year. Hawaii has continued to provide unparalleled peace and serenity as I’ve had a lot of “me” moments. I have realized as I get older that it is pivotal to have time to yourself…time to reflect, time to unwind, time to praise God for all blessings, time to cry, time to laugh, and time to love. It’s all too easy to get wrapped up in the day’s responsibilities, the stress, and the not so good moments. Especially in the age that we live in, that includes technology (sigh)…Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally guilty of carrying my phone around left and right. But living on Oahu has forced me to unwind and live the island lifestyle to a whole new degree. It means less planning, more doing. Less time on my phone, and more seeing the raw, natural beauty that surrounds. More observing others and their stressors in the little moments, as I smile and try not to get worked up. Don’t sweat the small things, I’ve learned it’s NOT worth it- because there’s always something to smile about. There is always someone that doesn’t have it as good as you, and is fighting their own struggle through life. Lean on each other- and always let the light shine through 🙌🏻


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