A happy holiday heart.

As January is quickly coming to a close, I am taking some time to myself to get cozy and channel those thoughts I’ve wanted to share for weeks now.

First and foremost, I hope each of you had a meaningful Christmas- filled with holiday traditions, tons of yummy food, and special moments shared with family and friends.

Ours was just that. 10 days of pure bliss in Kauai, the Garden Isle of the Hawaiian islands. We boarded our puddle jumper and island hopped to meet my dad at the airport. From there we got the essentials and made our way to our home away from home. We loved Marriott’s Waiohai Beach Club so much, and would recommend it over and over again. It was the perfect combo of relaxation, yet it is situated on Poipu, which is the south of the island with the most things to do. And let’s talk about our lanai view! 😎

We wanted to do all of our favorites with dad, reacquainting ourselves after our first trip to the island for our honeymoon. The everyday “musts” were over indulging in food (hello, it’s staycation), surfing the break right outside our resort, and enjoying the killer sunsets with a tropical drink in hand. 

The trip highlight was being able to be together this Christmas, the most amazing gift. An added bonus is that one of my besties even sent us fake snow to have on Christmas Day! Santa, I know him!!! I am a lover of the holidays through and through. This year not so much. It was super difficult to have those traditions that I carry so close to my heart be changed in more ways than one. Having my dudes next to me for the many adventures was perfect!


John worked remotely some of the days we were in Kauai, so the one day dad and I roadtripped up to the north shore to see Princeville. We stopped at Kilauea Lighthouse to take in some views, and continued to cruise up to the St. Regis.

Our visit wouldn’t be complete without an Acai Bowl (aka the best thing in the world) if you’ve never had one. It’s essentially a thick acai-based smoothie topped with fresh fruit, granola, coconut, and honey. Can you say amazing?

Another adventure we did together was Waimea Canyon, which is a stunning mini Grand Canyon of sorts. There are many hiking trails that wind throughout the canyon. The pictures don’t do it justice! 
We saved the big finale for the end of the trip…helicopter tour! This island is home to one of the wettest areas in the world, with lush vegetation almost everywhere you look. Not to mention the Napali Coast, which is one of the most incredible coastal cliff ranges that is only accessible by boat, helicopter, or hiking. The most amazing thing happened when we were flying over the coast…our awesome pilot Bruno had his playlist on and the Hawaiian Iz version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow came on, as a real rainbow was in the distance. We all felt and knew my Momma was there with us! 🌈

A perfect conclusion to our time together in paradise…


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