A whole lotta Thanks.

Lets just say work has gotten me a bit behind, so we are going to pretend it’s November all over again 😉

Heading into this holiday season, I knew it was going to be tough, and I didn’t know how to quite prepare myself. There are definitely days out here that are lonely, there’s no denying that. It is bound to happen to anyone that leaves home and their comfort bubble of friends, family, and community. To have my dad in town for Thanksgiving gave me that piece of home and family that I was yearning for. John and I hosted my dad for about a week and had so much fun together! It was so nice to have him be our first visitor, and introduce him to our love for Hawaii.Exploring Waikiki!

As I mentioned, I have been busy with work, so some days it was hard for me to part from my Dad and John. I’d say they did a pretty good job of staying busy, while enjoying some of Turtle Bay’s exquisite views 🐢

Exploring our neighborhood and trails. One of our favorite things to do!

We definitely tried to fit in as much as possible (to a reasonable degree) while Dad was here. John kicked us into gear with Koko Head, a hike on the southeastern side of Oahu. It’s a little 1,000-step (I know) climb that takes hikers straight up to unleash crazy, beautiful panoramic views of eastern Honolulu. We were greeted by two amazingly symbolic  finds…the first being this beautiful rainbow in the picture below. Hawaii doesn’t disappoint when it comes to gorgeous skies. The second was a graffiti message of Strength that read “If cancer shows no mercy, we show no fear.” A message that resonated with us immediately. My momma will always be the most Fearless person I know. These type of messages and symbols are what I pray for every night before I go to bed. She was loving those views (way more than that hike!) that day 💙

Hawaiian sunrises and sunsets continue to knock us off our feet – from the orange hues to the pink cotton candy clouds. It is a constant reminder of how blessed we are to be surrounded by God’s beauty each and every day.

We were extra ThankFUL(L) to be together this year in one of the most amazing places we could ask for. The three of us went back and forth with what we wanted to do for the holiday. I was scheduled to work that morning into the afternoon, so we ventured to The Beachhouse in Haliewa to enjoy an amazing turkey dinner with oceans views in their open-air restaurant. We had a blast together, and laughed through the difficult moments of not having one of our favorites sitting there at the table with us this year. My heart is full for these two turkeys, my Ibbetson’s/Rife’s/Bieljeski’s and extended family & friends whom I give thanks for not only during the holiday season, but each day.

The sky after Dad left…thanks for the pink clouds, Momma Rud!


2 responses to “A whole lotta Thanks.

  1. Well said Kelc!! Beautiful pictures and memories are ours forever!! Your mom, so easy to see in all the beauty that surrounds you because she was just that lovely herself! Enjoy each day as a gift and know how much you are loved!!!

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