Hong Kong

A bustling city-state that served as our small taste of China. Hong Kong is a place with an impressive skyline, set along a gorgeous harbor. A sophisticated atmosphere, fueled by the suit and tie lifestyle.

We arrived on Hong Kong Airlines, and I immediately noticed their nice airport. From there, we treated ourselves to the 15th floor Courtyard that overlooked the harbor. Just gorgeous. We scrambled a bit in the morning to find our next lodging, and ended up settling on an Air BNB flat. No view there! But I am very much a fan of this site. Travelers: check it out! It was time to take our stab at finding some food…a task that we feared would be difficult, and it was. A certain street stall grabbed our attention. It was a menu written completely in Chinese. What to do, what to do…we resorted to the only thing we could think of. Point and nod. A little bit of veg, a little bit of…chicken? Sure, to make us feel better. The highlight of our first authentic meal was warm soybean milk with a hint of coconut. Not too shabby!


Our daily task…reading the menu

During our days here, we spent the majority of our time walking around the streets, soaking up the architecture, beautiful weather, and local lifestyle. We stumbled upon a bird sanctuary, the BK Lounge (jealous, I know) and some serious pick-up basketball. We were psyched to head to the harbor and catch the famous laser show. John and I were convinced we were on the wrong side of the harbor, it was a tad disappointing. Oh well, we thoroughly enjoyed watching the tourists take selfies! We left the end of the night for Wan Chai, a trendy area of the city that is full of bars and restaurants. We enjoyed the atmosphere and found much fun in our 7-11 “gourmet” bottle of wine and late night walk.


Our favorite building


The next morning we set off for some brunch and settled for Mr. Bing, a Beijing street crepe shop. Peking duck and sesame chicken were our selections. YUM. We spent most of the day attempting to sort out flights, lodging, and visa requirements to get into China. After a few exhausting hours, we decided it would be best to continue onto Indonesia. China wasn’t meant to be, and we will save that Great Wall and Jack Perry for next time. Dinner called for another slice of home, and bbq-pulled pork nachos were the answer. We sipped on a few cocktails while exploring Hong Kong’s SoHo district. I was convinced to end the night with a little glimpse of HK’s nightlife…lets just say I was showing more skin than any woman in there. The worst part is that it seemed like a family business. Yikes. Always an adventure! 😉


Hong Kong Taxi


Another currency that looks better than ours

I think our most authentic experience was our last morning in the city. We squeezed into a crammed Chinese restaurant during lunch hour for some peking duck. Real peking duck. I’m talkin’ birds hanging from the ceiling. Crazy! Check that off the list. After we decided that China was no longer in the cards, we saved “The Peak” for our final afternoon and evening in Hong Kong. I am so thankful we did. It was our favorite memory during our days spent there, and is a MUST for any visitor! Victoria Peak, is a mountain on the west side of Hong Kong Island. It can be reached by car, or most popularly by the peak tram. This stellar ride takes you to the top of the mountain, where there are numerous walking trails, restaurants, and shops. The best part of The Peak experience is The Sky Terrace 428. It stands for 428 meters, or 1,404 feet above sea level. We waited to go up at dusk so we could experience the breathtaking 360 degree view of the city during the day and night. It was INCREDIBLE, and resulted in one of the best pictures we have ever taken. Thanks Hong Kong, we enjoyed the taste of China and your Asian ways!


Peking Duck


Sky Terrace 428 from afar


One of the old tram cars







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