To say we had a great weekend would be an understatement…it is humbling to sit back and reflect on all that it had to offer.

On Friday night, we celebrated at the Ibbetson’s, surrounded by both of our families. It was a lovely evening, and opportunity to say our “see ya later’s” while having everyone under the same roof.

Saturday morning brought us sunshine and the perfect day to run some last minute errands. I could not wait to meet my girlfriends later in the afternoon at a local winery for a wine and chocolate pairing. (Yes please!) It was a fabulous evening to catch up and reunite with my gals. John graciously offered to pick us up and return us to West Chester, with an added bonus of stopping at Mickey D’s to really get us prepared for the night ahead. After we pulled into the driveway, I shuffled up the fire escape to make a b-line for the couch to relax for a bit, but was quickly interrupted when I began to recognize other faces as I glanced around the room. My best friends not only successfully surprised me, but John as well! We walked into a room of 20 of our closest friends taking time out of their weekend to send us off, in the most perfect way.

I still catch myself thinking about it- shocked and honored that you pulled off every detail so perfectly. We cannot begin to thank you all enough for the time and work that went into the planning. John and I feel so fortunate to have you in our lives. We Love You!!





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